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ABOUT THE SITE is all about the way I check construction materials particularly for building and road projects which I am currently involved with. I created this website initially to serve as a quickly accessible checklist which I will be using for my day by day construction materials checking.

When I started to work as an inspector way back in 2012, I do not have any formal background on how to check certain construction materials. Without anyone who will help me, I found it tough especially the searching and studying part just to perform my tasks. Being into that situation, I do not have any option but to launch the Google search and have a quick look for the details of the materials I wanted to know about. It will be lucky if I will get all the details I need in one shot.

In, I carefully summarized what I have learned and put it in a way that every novice will understand. I will be sharing collective knowledge of various construction materials technically and based on experience. This will be very helpful for those individuals who are newly engaged in construction material checking as follows:

  1. Fresh civil engineer graduates.
  2. Aspiring consultant (material inspector, QA/QC, project engineer, site engineer, etc.).
  3. Those who do not want to hire an inspector.

As a civil engineer, this is also for me to learn thoroughly and master my crafts to proceed further with my career.


I am a civil engineer. My educational experience includes the following:

  1. The structural design of a multi-story hospital.
  2. Design of one-kilometer collector road along mountainous terrain.
  3. A complete plan of a residential house, its cost estimates, manpower histogram, and construction schedule.
  4. A feasibility study of constructing a telecommunication building in a particular location.
  5. Research about the effects of different curing methods in the compressive strength of concrete.

From 2012 to 2015, I worked as a QA/QC inspector in highspeed railway station projects in Saudi Arabia. I was assigned to check structural works of mechanical building, fire station, mosque, long stay car park, short stay car park, helipad, external works which include road works and boundary wall, and some in the platform and main concourse area.

From 2015 up to this date, I am working in various industrial building projects in Oman as a project engineer.


My goal is to share basic knowledge about checking construction materials. My goal is to share My Approved Materials.

I am genuinely grateful for visiting my website.

Best regards.

The Author,

Faisal H. Macarampat